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Last week I spoke to a manager about this blog. He sounded very interested. Though his problem was not that his artists are famous and don’t know how to deal with their success, but that they are NOT famous, and don’t know what to do. He thought that this blog would not be interesting for him.

Let start from the scratch. What is fame? When I was a little girl I thought, that if everyone in the small village I grew up in, all 500 inhabitants would know me and say ‘hi’ when I pass by, I would be famous. Later, when I went to school in the ‘big’ city Meppen (ca. 30.000 inhabitants!) I counted the people on the street that I ‘know’, that I’ve seen before. Assuming that they know me too, a good score made my day!

During my study in the metropolis Frankfurt, fame was for artists such as painters, writers, singers and for everyone high in any hierarchy, such as politicians, professors, bishops. They are all famous in their circles in Germany.

So you see, fame is very relative. Everyone is famous in his/her own circles. And how older you get, how bigger you want the circles to be. Even an artist who sells out arena shows in Germany might feel that he’s not famous, for he’s not known in other countries.

And yes, even if you think that you are not famous (yet), this blog is for you too. All the steps that help to deal with success and fame are about consciously living your life, realizing that you always have a choice, and start concentrating on your strength instead of your weaknesses. If you are not famous yet, it might even help you to discover what you want, and how to get there.

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