Leading yourself

It all starts with your choice to ‘lead’ your life. When successful, we often chose others to lead us, and loose control.

Leading is a way of life, a way to be conscious about yourself. Look at Nelson Mandela. Even isolated in prison he was a leader, preparing for the time after his release. He was a victim, but he didn’t accept this role for himself. He even choose to stay in prison, then they offered him freedom if he would turn against violence.

To become a leader you don’t need followers, you can start with choosing to lead-your-own-life. For that, you have to get rid of feeling a victim.

This is, what inspired me when reading the book “How remarkable women lead” from Joanna Barsh e.o. Being and feeling yourself as a leader is about your purpose, re-framing, connecting, engaging and energy. More about this the next posts.

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