Mental coaching is dark and dangerous! 2

Mental coaching is quite common in sports. Many athletes use it to enhance their performances. They become more motivated and happier with mental coaching, they are more focused, run faster, react quicker. The effect of mental coaching has been proven by the registered improvement of the performances. With artists it’s different, especially with rock-musicians and DJ’s. While athletes perform at daytime, rock musicians and DJ’s are creatures of the night. They love the darkness. Many musicians are afraid that the […]

Get the audience you want

As musician you want your music to be heard, you want to reach an audience. In the past, the best tool was to record your music and sell it, and than get played on the radio.  Booking a tour was a tool to sell more albums. You needed an expensive studio to record your music, labels and distributors to distribute it throughout the country and record shops to sell it. The infrastructure is still in place, though the situation has […]

Rock’n roll and sleep 1

I work in the live music business, and the cliche of sex, drugs and rock’n roll is still very common. At music conferences/festivals I hear many people bragging about the little amount of sleep they had last night. While I know for myself that I need a lot of sleep. How cool is that – NOT! So I was very interested when I saw a Dutch article about sleep. People who don’t sleep enough, are grumpy, and also too optimistic […]