D.I.Y. and asking for help

Last week I did a speech for the program Mentoring & Sparring. The subject was Mentoring, what it is and when/why you would need it. Years ago I would have thought that I don’t need it, I can sort out everything myself. I love to do things myself, it gives me a great feeling of independence, especially when I head to new directions. During my life I often choose new direction. I grew up on a small farm in Germany. […]

Holiday, routine and being on tour

I used to hate routine. It’s like obligations, things I have to do, and it feels boring. Holiday is a great way to evaluate all of your routines. Traveling is putting yourself in a new environment, to look at your daily life from a distance. During the last couple of years I’ve learned to love routines, and to evaluate them on a regular basis. This leads to a positive confirmation of brushing my teeth twice a day and taking a […]

Count your blessings

You probably heard it too in your childhood: you have to say thank you when you get a treat, you have to count your blessings when you are complaining, and many more of those boring rules. That’s at least how I thought about it. I thought that it was about being polite on the surface, but that it didn’t have any deeper meaning. In the mean time I’ve learned that I was oh so wrong. Years ago I found Elizabeth […]