How musicians can use purpose to become more flexible

As musicians and as person it’s important to know your purpose. Purpose is about your meaning, knowing what motivates you, why you want what you want. Purpose gives you a direction for your career, it helps you to stand out. On the other side the music business is an ever changing business. Look at the last 150 years and how technical developments have pushed creative developments in the music industry to come from operas with 400 visitors to arena shows […]

Rhythm is all around us

Music needs rhythm, no doubt about it. But where do you get the rhythm? Your own heartbeat is a good inspiration. I love it, when I’ve done some sports, heaving a quick heartbeat and listen to music that has the same rhythm. It’s so exciting! It also works the other way around. Music with a slow rhythm can calm me down when I’m upset. My heartbeat tries to mach the rhythm of the song. If you look around, everything seems […]