Tallinn Music Week

6 most useful European seminars for musicians

As artist it’s important to network. Conferences and seminars offer great opportunities, especially if you want to address new countries. You can pick a seminar or conference per country, you’ll have to travel quite a lot. Or you can pick some more international oriented seminars/conferences. I’ve put them in a list for you. At seminars and conferences you can also catch up on new developments regarding technology, music business and music. For the international music business in Europe there are […]

Success and fame from a managers view

In the last couple of weeks I’ve told more and more people in the music business about my blog. I’m getting great reactions, thanks to all of you! It encouraged me to start interviewing managers and artists for this blog. At Tallinn Music Week in March this year I had a personal conversation with Ed Bicknell, manager of Dire Straits, Mark Knopfler, Bryan Ferry and many more. It was a great pleasure to listen to all the great stories he […]

Music is more than fun

At Tallinn Music Week yesterday I heard the speech of the Estonian president Toomas Hendrik Ilves. His speak was about freedom. Music is also about freedom, and about freedom of speech. In a free country you don’t have to take much risks to speak out freely. He mentioned PJ Harvey in a TV interview with the English prime minister Cameron, expressing freely her opinion in word and music about the policy of the English government. The risk she takes here, […]