Somehow the ‘universe’ doesn’t know the right timing. There are periods that I get really bored and nothing happens. And than again, like last month, everything happens at once. This must sound quite familiar to artists too. Right now all business stuff is good news! One of my artists, AlascA, just signed a record deal in the UK. Another Dutch artist, Lilian Hak, released her new album last week. And we just passed the deadline for applications for Conincx Pop […]

Will success solve all problems?

Many people believe that once you are successful, all problems will be solved. With success, you become attractive, rich and happy.¬† All people will love you and you can get anything you want. Wow, that will really¬† make you happy. The only think you need to do is being succesful. In the music business, these people often also believe, that you will get ‘there’ if you are good. And for being good, you need a bit of talent and a […]