power of music

Go out and conquer fear

After the attack in Paris last week with 89 people being killed at a concert at Le Bataclan, everyone in the music business is shocked and grieved! And we react accordingly. Some Dutch venues have increased safety measures by using twice as much security people ans searching every single visitor and his/her bag.  Prince is postponing his European tour. The targeted attack on pop music affects us all. Music is important to us. Music can cross borders and connect people, […]

The power of music

Are you aware of the power you have when making music? Remember the festival you attended, when you joined the masses in enjoying your favorite band play, the euphoric state they created in the audience, the energy they gave to everyone. Sometimes a show can be nothing less than live-changing. That’s the reaction that Balkan Beat Box got, one of the bands I booked, when they played in Nijmegen. The impact can be huge. The power of music is old, […]