personal leadership


How more success you have, how more people will look up to you. Isn’t that what we all want, secretly, somehow? That people look up to us? They will certainly take us seriously, finally. As most artists, you probably have had periods too that you wanted to belong to the group (at school, in the neighborhood, at work) but didn’t fit in. These are very lonely times. Often you provoke authority in that periods too, you don’t want to adapt […]

Getting personal

Since my surgery end of July I still have problems with my concentration, and somehow this affects my blog posts too. I’m writing more theoretical, on a distance. As if I don’t dare yet to get personal. This is probably because I still feeling insecure, not my ‘normal’ self yet. Shortly after the surgery my creativity was totally lost. I couldn’t make up what to cook with the veggies in the fridge, everything that asked for a bit more than […]