new year

Success by developing your strengths

At school I’ve learned that I have to put extra attention to the subjects I’m not that good at. In my case it was French, Latin and sports. All the good grades in history, religion and music were taken for granted. The focus was on getting better in the stuff that I wasn’t that good at. It took me quite some time to find out that there are alternatives to that approach. Waldorf schools, Montessori schools and other alternative schools […]

Start all over again?

Happy new year to everyone! Isn’t it exciting, the start of a new year? Every year again I want to believe in this chance to start all over again, to begin with a clean slate. In the euphoria of party and firecrackers at midnight I have so many good intentions, that the hangover the next day feels extra heavy 😉 What is it with a new year, starting all over again and good intentions? I often made the mistake to […]