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Unblocking 5: Possibility

When I was 19 I moved to Frankfurt and started to study Theology. I thought that the whole world is open to me, and that with age the possibilities will become more and more limited. Well, that’s the best way of getting old even when still young at age 🙂 Our own expectations, and most of all the expectations we think that others have regarding us, are the strongest obstacle in discovering our possibilities. We think that we have to […]

Unblocking 4: Integrity

Part of your new identity as artist is integrity. It starts with being honest to yourself. And yes, sometimes that can be scary. When being honest to yourself, you have to admit that you are joining your friends into town for shopping, even if you actually would like to look for a quiet place to sit in the sun. Usually I’d try to hide the urge for a quiet place, hide it even for myself, and go with my friends, […]