inner path

Perfect! 1

I hate it when I make mistakes. Somehow I expect myself to be perfect! I think that many people share this with me, though maybe not in this extreme form. For me it was so difficult to discover my own mistakes, that I didn’t re-read my work at school. It was better if others would discover them. As soon as the text was ‘out there’, it wasn’t mine anymore. I had enough distance. I see this distance with many people […]

Serving leadership

I just read about a Dutch research. Managers at the top are less in demand of power than high educated people in lower positions. This is remarkable, for all other researches show that power is addicting: the more you have, the more you want/need. Below I have a link to the article. All the respondents of this research are under 45 years old. Is there a new generation coming, who is dealing with power in a different, less addicting way? […]