Creative and sensitive

Are you creative? Do you see yourself as an artist? I believe that we are all creative, all of us. We are all born to be creative. It’s what makes us humans. Creativity can be expressed in all facets of life, in the dress you pick to wear today, in the dinner you prepare, in the way to do your work. And of course it shows in paintings, songs, dancing, films. If we are all creative, what makes artists more […]

Pink hearts against poisonous people

Do you know this situation? You meet someone and after the meeting you feel totally worn out, as if that person sucked all the energy out of you. I’m not talking about a friend in need who needs your help and support, and who will give you help and support back when you need it. After a meeting with a friend in need you will usually not feel worn out. I’m not talking about confronting and inspiring meetings either. The […]