Get better in what you are good at – because it’s fun!

Get better in what you are good at already. That’s the motto of one of the big Dutch all-round speed-skate champions Gianni Romme. He’s a successful speed-skate trainer now. If you are not Dutch, you probably didn’t notice. Last weekend were the World Championships in all-round speed skating in Berlin. With speed-skating, the skaters compete in pairs in an oval of 400 m. dressed in tight jump-suits. All-round speed-skating means, that it’s about the overall winner in 4 distances. For […]

Pain and loss

Last month my father in law passed away. I’ve known him for 22 years and we became quite close, especially in the last two years when he needed more and more care. He had a good life,  played tennis until he was 90 years old and could say goodbye to family and life before he died. Still, the emotional roller coaster in the last month was quite intense. I’m happy to have known him for so long and I’m sad […]

Unblocking 5: Possibility

When I was 19 I moved to Frankfurt and started to study Theology. I thought that the whole world is open to me, and that with age the possibilities will become more and more limited. Well, that’s the best way of getting old even when still young at age 🙂 Our own expectations, and most of all the expectations we think that others have regarding us, are the strongest obstacle in discovering our possibilities. We think that we have to […]