How musicians can use purpose to become more flexible

As musicians and as person it’s important to know your purpose. Purpose is about your meaning, knowing what motivates you, why you want what you want. Purpose gives you a direction for your career, it helps you to stand out. On the other side the music business is an ever changing business. Look at the last 150 years and how technical developments have pushed creative developments in the music industry to come from operas with 400 visitors to arena shows […]

Focus or flexibility?

It seems that our brain is rigid when focused and can’t focus when being flexible. When we are focused, we don’t notice what’s going on around us. We concentrate on one task only. This is highly efficient and helps us to get in a flow. A great example for this is the selective attention test from Daniel Simons and Christopher Chabris. While counting the number of passes, we don’t see the obvious image. Try it yourself: The other side is […]

Plans need assumptions 2

It could all be so easy, if we had all the information we need, and more. We could anticipate on what’s coming, what will happen now, in a minute, tomorrow, next year. While we don’t have the information, we make it up. We assume certain things to be in a certain way. One fish: How is the water? Other fish: What’s the hack is water? (ofilisketches.com) Do you know what I mean? When I come to the office, I assume […]