Leave diva attitude at home!

What mental challenges to you have as a musician? And how do you deal with it? That’s the theme of a new series of interviews with musicians that I’m doing. The first one is with Madeleine Davis, singer of Boney M. for several years from end of the ’80s onwards. It’s mentally very challenging to be in the spotlights. What was for you the most challenging part? And why? “The most challenging was dealing with the personalities and mentalities of […]

Like a diva …

Last night I felt like a diva, sitting with sunglasses at the terrace of a nice restaurant, the sun shining right into my face, a glass of wine on the table, great food, accompanied by three nice men. What is a diva like? Often people (women) are called a diva, if they are very picky and have unrealistic specific demands, like eating the yellow M&M’s only. The picky attitude is associated with a nagging voice, portrayed as  childish behavior. At […]