How to discover your ambitions 1

Have you ever had a mentor or a coach, asking you where you want to be in five or ten or twenty years? I had a coach shortly after I became partner in the company. She asked me that question, and I didn’t know. I do my work, I know what I like and what I’m doing it for, without having a goal or a picture of where I want to be in five years. I felt like I was […]

D.I.Y. and asking for help

Last week I did a speech for the program Mentoring & Sparring. The subject was Mentoring, what it is and when/why you would need it. Years ago I would have thought that I don’t need it, I can sort out everything myself. I love to do things myself, it gives me a great feeling of independence, especially when I head to new directions. During my life I often choose new direction. I grew up on a small farm in Germany. […]

D.I.Y. mentality

The hippie- and punk-movement brought us the concept of D.I.Y., Do It Yourself. We don’t have to depend on others to do stuff for us, we can do it ourselves. The hippies started communes on the countryside, groups of adults and children who tried to live self-sufficient, grow their own veggies and (re-)build their own homes. Punk brought this into the center of American and European cities. They applied the D.I.Y. concept to arts and music too. When The Beatles […]