comfort zone

Break out of your social-village-bubble

The phrase that the world is a village is often used when you have friends all over the world. It’s easy to travel. As musician you are touring around the world, or you are dreaming about touring around the world. In a social sense, the world is a village too. You are connected with colleagues, friends and family, wherever they are. You share your background and your believes with them. But do you know people with a different background, with […]

Circles and new horizons

I love circles. They can include anything and everything. I see them all around me: here a light bulb, lots of cd’s, some lp’s, a clock, pots with plants, pans in the kitchen, outside wheels at bicycles and cars. And a picture of circles in the field 😉 The problem with circles is, that they can also constrain you. You want to stay within the borders of the circle, and you start walking round and round and don’t see a […]

Unblocking 2: Identity

OK, now you are feeling safe enough to play and try things with your art, you can start to develop an identity as a creative person, as an artist. And don’t worry if it goes up and down. When you get a stronger identity, the doubts will go stronger too! Getting an identity as artists starts within yourself. How do you think about artists and creativity? How do your friends, family, colleagues think about it? Many think that you have […]