A fresh start – how to make it work?

A new year feels like a new start. A clean slate of 12 months. Somehow we all think that in the new year, we will be able to avoid all mistakes and to seize all opportunities, unlike previous years. Every year again, we truly believe that the new year can become different, better. Even after the hang-over on new years day we still believe in it. But how can it become better, if we think and act the same? If […]

Unblocking 12: Faith 1

I will not start a new church, certainly not! Faith means, that we don’t have control about our creativity and art. And yet, we have to trust our creativity and art, believe that it’s good and necessary to be creative. There are many obstacles on our way towards more creativity. And if you have read all the previous 11 leads to un-block your creativity you are probably aware by now, that we are very good in creating the major blocks […]

Showing off

Showing off, bragging, telling about your talents – in the Netherlands it’s all seen as quite negative. In the USA on the other side it’s appreciated, you don’t get anywhere without it. I’m a bit stuck with the Dutch way. A month ago I developed this new model, 4-stages-of-fame, and I didn’t tell people about it yet. I want everyone to know, but I feel a bit shy. What if they don’t like it? Or worse: what if they do? […]