The paradox of success: caged omnipotence

Admiration It starts with others to admire you. The other side of that admiration is influence. They look up to you and it’s easy for you to influence them. People will not only admire you for your art, talents or knowledge. The media will start to ask you questions about all and everything, even if it’s something you have no idea about. Your influence is becoming bigger. Omnipotence Often the result is a feeling of omnipotence. It starts as soon […]

Festival fever

It starts with hot temperatures, followed by summer, sun, great company, music … All the right ingredients are in place for the festival fever. And next Saturday it’s Conincx Pop Festival, the 30th edition of this great free boutique festival, with an alternative program of 9 bands from 7 countries, and a great atmosphere. We do the bookings for the 10th time already. Yes, I’m really looking forward to it. Finally I’ll meet all the artists playing there, that I’ve […]