Authenticity: plan A and plan B

Last night I went to the city theater to hear the Dutch comedian Daniel Arends talking about plan A and plan B. Plan A is who you are. You can grow in who you are, but you can’t really change it. Plan B is how you appear to others. You are authentic when you appear as who you are. Often we want to appear different than who we are. Many musicians are shy but want to appear spontaneous and confident. […]

Perfect! 1

I hate it when I make mistakes. Somehow I expect myself to be perfect! I think that many people share this with me, though maybe not in this extreme form. For me it was so difficult to discover my own mistakes, that I didn’t re-read my work at school. It was better if others would discover them. As soon as the text was ‘out there’, it wasn’t mine anymore. I had enough distance. I see this distance with many people […]

“So I disappear a lot”

“Being noticed can be a burden. Jesus got himself crucified because he got himself noticed. So I disappear a lot.” (Bob Dylan) When I heard the news last week that Adele was going to disappear for five years to work on her next album, I felt deep respect for her, more than for winning six Grammy Awards (congratulations!). If I would be her agent, I wouldn’t be happy with that decision, and especially not with the timing. So I wanted […]