Aim high, not low!

In the Netherlands we’ve had a controversy this week about a Dutch rapper who was stuck with his car. Some young women picked him up, on their way to a party. He filmed himself, using offensive language against the women, and put it online. Would we have this commotion, if the rapper would have been white, or if the women would have been colored?

The rapper is confirming the stereotype of misogynist colored rappers. But the whole issue is as much about misogyny as it is about privileges. In western society, white, rich, hetero, male adults are the most privileged group. All others feel subordinate. And if you feel subordinate or suppressed, you need to ventilate your aggression against the unfair situation. Kicking some ass might seem a good way to ventilate your aggression.

If you want to kick some ass too, I dare you to aim high, not low. It’s childish to kick low, like stamping on the ground. If you want your kicks to be effective, aim high. Kick the the most privileges groups, the white, rich, hetero, male adults, the bankers, the multinationals, the politicians, the spiritual leaders.

Maybe it’s time for a movement of resistance and social justice again. Last year the #MeToo campaign pointed into that direction. 2018 can continue in that line, enhancing the link between resistance and creativity.

“Creation means resistance. Resistance means creation.” (St├ęphane Hessel)

Let 2018 become the year we all aim high!

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