Just like Popeye, you have a secret power too

PopeyeDo you remember Popeye? It’s an almost 90 year old cartoon figure; a sailor man who tries to impress his girl Olive. Though she loves strong men like Bluto. Bluto is tall, strong, with very broad shoulders, with a beard and a small head. Popeye has a big mouth with a pipe, a big chin, big forearms, but he is small and has small shoulders. His secret power is spinach. Spinach makes him invincible, even when fighting against Bluto.

Just like Popeye, you have a secret power too. And while Popeye always has a can of spinach within reach, you have your power within reach too. Maybe you need some help in realizing what your secret power is, and how to access it.

My search for my secret power took years, until I discovered a shortcut by using 5 empowerment tools. With the Online Workshop 5 Empowerment Tools For Musicians I want to share this shortcut with you. The workshop is an adventure, a 6 week long journey where you can discover and grow in what you are good at. That’s your spinach.

You will also learn how to fight Bluto, that is how to get better in other powerful fields. In the end you will understand how all 5 empowerment tools support each other and how they build an upward spiral for you to follow. This is when the power of spinach really kicks in and Olive will be yours!

The next Online Workshop 5 Empowerment Tools For Musicians starts on May 10. Don’t wait too long to register, the early bird bonus expires on April 23.



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