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Having the right network is so important. Sometimes I think that the music business is all about networking.  Networking is about all connections you have, using social media, meetings, family and friends. Having the right connections makes such a difference; you feel so much stronger if you know that you are not alone. Here a  list of 10 people that should be in your network, taken from Forbes:

1. The Mentor: A musician who has achieved what you want to achieve. You can learn from his/her mistakes and success. Cherish this relationship, it’s for the long run.

2. The Coach: These persons come in at different times in your life and help you to make certain decisions and transitions. A coach offers independent advise and acts as a mirror.

3. The Insider: He/she knows what’s going on in musicians circles and in the music business. This person can tip you for the next big thing. It’s best to let him/her check your new single first.

4. The Trendsetter: Here comes a person who’s not working in the music business, to keep you up to date on what’s going on in other fields, like social media, fashion, new clubs in your home town.

5. The Connector: People with a broad field of interests and with a broad network make connections where no one else sees the similarity. They find people, resources or information for you that you haven’t thought of before.

6. The Idealist: Someone you can dream with. Share your new ideas with these people. They don’t judge, they help you to fill in the blanks in your dream.

7. The Realist: They help you to keep it real. If you need a reality check on a new idea or on a new song, they are there to keep your feet on the ground. You need that to make your dream happen.

8. The Visionary: This person is an inspiration to you. He/she can help you to envision your new idea, to find the right direction in your thinking and your life.

9. The Partner: You need someone who understands where you are, what you are going through, because he/she is at a similar spot. You commonly share information and ideas. Usually your band members are partners.

10. The Wanna-Be: A start-up artist who wants to go where you already  are. By telling and explaining, you understand your own situation better. It works as a great boost for your self-esteem too!


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