Waiting for the right moment: strong or weak? 1

10362862_1433555626900731_1486794773715878848_n“You can better wait for the right moment.” Does that sound familiar to you? Is it wise or not? What is the right moment? Waiting for the right moment works great when you want to stall something. I love to wait for the right moment when I want to stall a decision or avoid some changes I have to make, like when i wanted to quit smoking while in the middle of writing my master thesis.

Not a good moment to quit smoking, I thought. I can better wait until the thesis is ready. When I continued on that thought, I discovered that after the thesis I would probably want to wait until I have my master degree. And after the master degree it’s not the right moment, I could better wait until I have found a job, until I’ve settled into my new job, until … Waiting for the right moment makes me weaker, was my conclusion. So I decided not to wait any longer and quit smoking while writing my master thesis.

Waiting for the right moment is often used as a lame excuse for keeping everything as it is. It’s a ‘good’ excuse if you don’t want to change. The ‘right moment’ will never come, you can always find a reason why it’s not the right moment yet. The only way out of this dilemma is to start with what you try to avoid, to start right now. If that’s not possible, you can start right now to make concrete plans about when to start, how and where.

The situation is totally different when other people are involved. If you are in a band, you probably know this already. Making music together means that every band members has to be into the planned action. You all have to be ready to play, like King Champion Sounds in the photo above. It doesn’t make much sense if you start playing the guitar when the drumset is not complete yet and when the mics are not plugged in. The right moment occurs, when everyone is ready, when everyone is heading towards the same direction.

Waiting can be quite active, you can help others to be ready. Waiting for the right moment, for everyone to be ready, makes you stronger!

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