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1402-122319_173Oh yes, I feel can feel it too: being blocked to write a new post. And that’s while I have plenty idea. I even write a reminder to myself about it. Still, nothing comes out when I sit behind the computer, no new post for my blog.

And there are many factors that can contribute to a block like this. If you write music, you will probably know a lot of them too. Being very busy is of course one of it. Thinking that you are busy, inventing all sorts of activity just to have an excuse not to write, is something different though. This often hides another reason to be blocked.

Insecurity is also a big block, even if the insecurity is about a total different part of yourself. Every time when I have a conflict with my sister, I feel blocked in my writing and also in my work as agent. She seems to be able to drain all the energy out of me, leaving me insecure about myself and my own choices.

Often I wonder why she has that power. And than again, it’s probably because I allow her to have it. In the end I realize that it’s me who holds the key to my blocks. To gain back my sense of self and security,  I have found a few actions that help. It’s more or less the key to unlock the chains:
– physical exercise; it makes me realize that I also have a body to take care of and to rely on
– meditating, by making my mind empty or fill it with a visualization or a mantra; it reduces the panic and makes me calm again
– starting a dispute with the negative thoughts about myself; it gives me back part of the energy I have
– putting my negative feelings into perspective, knowing that it’s only temporary; here I start to feel secure about myself again
– treating myself well, giving myself an extra treat, especially when I start to not-like myself; it’s a way of taking myself seriously, and reflects also to others that I’m worth to be taken seriously

Oh, and it’s quite easy for me to treat myself well: taking an extra break during work to go out and walk, taking some extra time for myself, just sitting in a cafe with a cup to tea, going to the library, buying a nice colored postcard, baking a pie, and more things.

In what ways do you get blocked? How do you get unblocked? And how do you give yourself an extra treat?

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