Framing: spring is on its way 2

The predictions for 2012 are not very positive: the economic crisis will continue, and all measures will increase the gap between rich and poor. Last year we’ve seen the first signs of social uprising in London. And the music industry will suffer now too.

Even if this might be a realistic view into the future, it’s also a pessimistic one, and it doesn’t help you a bit on how to act. It makes you a victim of what’s happening around you. While you also could take your life in your own hands. Positive framing is an important tool for that. With positive framing you have hope, and you know that your actions can make a change, that spring will come after winter.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. It’s the only thing that ever has.” (Margaret Mead)

For some, optimism and a positive mindset seem natural. Though I’m convinced that everyone can learn it! One of the tools for this are affirmations. Another is to stop the negative thoughts that bring you down, by disputing them and looking for alternatives.

After Meaning and knowing what your mission is, framing is about finding the right mindset to act, according to J. Barsh. Here it helps if you focus on the road, step by step, and about staying in a good mood.

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2 thoughts on “Framing: spring is on its way

  • Jon

    So in my case that would be focussing on my next step for the steps sake….knowing that what you do is mainly only meaningful to yourself is quite hard however. Leading…..I am still working on that one, though I believe you are right….Or I want to.

    • Hilde Spille

      By thinking about the whole mountain (that is the meaning I think I have discovered), I would be discouraged very easily. But just taking the next step, like starting this blog, is much easier. Step by step I can climb a mountain, and I hate climbing 😉
      This is still about my interpretation of the 5 aspects of ‘centered leadership’ from Joanna Barsh. I’ll post the other aspects in the next few days.