Prepare for Networking

Do you want to prepare for the next showcase conference in a professional way?
Do you have problems with finding the right personal support team and the right business team?
Do you think that Network meetings are boring?
Are you too shy to approach the people you would want to speak to?
How do you know whom you can trust in the music business?

Many musicians spend hundreds of euros every year to visit showcase conferences, in the hope that they will meat the right people there. Often they return home disillusioned. The people they were hoping to meet, didn’t attend or didn’t respond to any of the attempts for a meeting.

In order to get the right networks, you need to approach networking in a professional way. You have to design your own network. You have to know what you have to offer. You have to network in a way that suits you personally.

After only 3 sessions:

  • you will use the network you have;
  • you know how to design your network;
  • you are building your business-team;
  • you know how to approach the right people for the conference;
  • you know some checks on whom to trust;
  • you will know how to follow up after the conference.

You can choose if you want to speak Dutch, English or German. You also have the choice if you want to do the sessions face-to-face (in Nijmegen), with Skype or with email:

  • face to face: 60 minutes per session
  • Skype: 60 minutes per session
  • email: 120 minutes per session

The costs for 3 sessions are € 239 + 21% Dutch VAT if applicable.

On top, I will send you a presentation “Introduction to European Showcase Conferences”. You will find 8 European showcase conferences highlighted and a list with many more mentioned, combined with information on developments and opportunities in that field.

Extra bonus:
As extra bonus, I’m allowed to send you a digital copy of the book “The German Music Market” by Dirk Schade, published by Berlin Music Commission. It gives you an overview on all aspects of the German music market, from live music to recorded music and media, including the historical context and current developments.

Please contact me for more any questions and for more information.