The music business is a very macho business, dominated by white man.
It’s easy to feel intimidated as a musician, if you are different.
Many musicians are ‘too’ sensitive (HSP), women are not taken seriously, colored people have to stick with ‘their’ kind of music.

You want to become ‘one of the guys’, but it doesn’t feel right.
You want to adjust to the macho world, not realizing that it doesn’t matter.
If you are different in the music business, you always will be the odd one out.
You are afraid that others will think of you as a nag, if you complain about intimidation.
You know that after a complaint, it might be you who will be fired.
You always have to prove yourself and be 10 times better than others.

You will have found your way to deal with intimidation.
You cope with it, by denying what happened.
You cope, by playing it down, saying that it was just a joke.
You cope, by covering who and what you are.
You cope, by telling others that intimidation is something we all have to endure.
You cope, by thinking that it’s normal that you are humiliated.
You cope, by blaming yourself, even though you are the victim.

In all these ways of dealing with it, you hurt yourself.
Though it might help you to deal with a specific situation, it will keep pulling you down.
It will leave you with feelings of shame and guilt.

The solution for this problem should come from a more inclusive culture in the music business, of course.
But we can’t wait for that. We need action now!

Do you want to be able to stand for yourself as who you are, in the music business?
Do you want to train your mind to avert intimidation?
Do you want to get ready for defending yourself?

The training is build on 4 F’s:
A mental Fence will give you a space where you feel safe, and where you are in control who gets in or not. It helps you to being aware when others are crossing your boundaries, and to take appropriate action.
With Fitness you train yourself to become persistent, to get up after setbacks. You need that endurance if you want to continue in the music business. Knowing how the music business works, is part of it.
Your Force will reflect your power and strength. Knowing your own power, you will not that easily be impressed or intimidated by others, how ever successful they seem to be. There are always alternatives.
In the end, you will have the Freedom to choose your reaction when others try to intimidate you.

After only 4 weeks:
– you will know how the international live music business works
– you will not feel intimidated anymore
– you will quit unhealthy coping behavior
– you will overcome feelings of guilt and shame
– you will realize how powerful you are yourself
– you will make choices based on your strength
– you will know that there is an alternative, even in the music business
– you will enjoy being yourself in the music business.

The training is for women who want to be stronger in finding their own way in the music business.
The training is in a group of maximum 10 participants.
We work on location in Nijmegen (the Netherlands).
We will do 4 sessions, one session every 3 weeks:
September 16, October 07, October 28, November 18.
Every session will run from 19:30 – 22:00.
Assignments are an important part of the training.
The costs for the whole training are only € 200 (plus 21% Dutch VAT).

Please send me an email for more information, or give me a call (+31 24 323 9322).