Mental Coaching

Are you in an impasse at your career?
Do you suffer from a lack of motivation?
Does your music need urgency?
Are you looking for a better balance of work and family?
Do you need to re-arrange your work as musician for health reasons?
Do you need an independent advisor to guide you through the obstacles of life, work and music business?

If you don’t get the questions above sorted, you are probably sabotaging yourself. It can even go as far as that it can cost you your career as musician.

The coaching I offer is client centered as I will help you to explore your current situation through a series of questions. We will highlight your passion and your strengths to discover the root of potential issues. Your personal questions, perspective, character and personality will lead the process. There are no common ways for artists to reach the next level, the best way to start is with exploring your strengths.

In the end you will have an innovative, healthy and positive perspective for the future.
You will move on with your career and move it to the next level.

You can choose if you want to speak Dutch, English or German. You also have the choice if you want to do the sessions face-to-face (in Nijmegen), with Skype or with email:

  • face to face: 60 minutes per session
  • Skype: 60 minutes per session
  • email: 120 minutes per session

The costs for 3 sessions are € 300 + 21% Dutch VAT if applicable.

Please contact me for any questions and for more information.