Artist’s Burnout Defence Shield

Build Your Own Artist’s Burnout Defence Shield

Online you can find many websites that offer a burnout check. In most of them, passion is mentioned as a protection against burnout. It sounds logic and is true for people who have a regular job.

But for artists it’s different. Despite the passion for what they do, there are many artists suffering from burnout. As an artists, your passion is your work. You love what you do. That makes it even harder to see the warning signs when you cross your mental borders.

The test below is for you and for all artists, to check if you are in danger of a burnout.

Quick check: Are you in danger of a burnout?
Please count how many times you agree with the statements.

1. I find it difficult to concentrate.
2. I’m very irritable, about very small things.
3. I feel very responsible, even for tasks of other people.
4. There are only few days per month that I don’t need painkillers to get me through.
5. I’m on my own and I often feel lonely.
6. Everything feels as a duty lately, even making art.
7. I often have trouble falling asleep.
8. My tasks and my bucket list are more important than how I feel.
9. I can’t really enjoy my accomplishments, things can always be done better.
10. I’m afraid to miss important opportunities when I’m not available 24/7.

If you agree with 5 statements or less, you currently don’t have to worry.
If you agree with 6 statements or more, you need to be alert for a burnout, even if you don’t feel like being close to it yet.

The test is a quick check and by far not complete. It gives you a rough idea. None of the statements alone is an indication for burnout, it’s the combination. There are many indicators that I left out, to keep the check simple and easy.

If you have questions or if you want more information, please contact me.

People with a burnout are knocked out for 11 months on average, show statistics of Broodfonds, an alternative to an occupational disability insurance for entrepreneurs. Imagine what that means to you, to your life, to your relationships, to your work, to your income. Everything you take for granted right now. will be at risk. You have to cancel shows, to delay a new album, you can’t network, you can’t keep engaged with your fans.

A burnout always comes gradually. If you listen to your body and mind, you will be alerted by the early warning signs and you will be able to prevent a burnout. Only if you ignore the signs, a burnout seems to come out of nowhere. It often starts with stress at work or with some major changes in your private life. If the stress in one area of your life gets accompanied by setbacks in the other area, it’s hard to find the resilience to bounce back.

Especially artists are in danger for a burnout. They work with passion. The same passion makes them blind for their own boundaries. Self-exploitation is very common amongst artists. The insecurities that come with art, insecurity of income, insecurity of hypes, insecurity of work conditions, make it even more difficult to protect yourself.

If a burnout hits you, it’s too late to take any precautions. For many artists it means, that after recovery they have to start from scratch again. Some artists even decide to quit with their art all together.

The alternative is, to build your own Artist’s Burnout Defence Shield, to protect yourself against a burnout.

The training to build your own Artist’s Burnout Defence Shield takes 3 months. It allows you to keep working during the mental training while you become protected against a burnout.

What can you expect?
In only 7 meetings,
– you will know how to deal with stress
– you will use a mental fence to create a safe space
– you will use with your strengths more often
– you will feel connected and supported
– you will care of yourself
– you will know how to protect your mind
– you will know how to be productive without self-exploitation
– you will develop a mindset that protects you against burnout.

How does it work?
The training to build your own Artist’s Burnout Defence Shield is individual, tailored to your personal situation.
We work in one-on-one meetings in Nijmegen (the Netherlands), or on Skype.
We can do the sessions in English, German or Dutch, depending on your preference.
We will do 7 sessions, one session every 2 weeks.
Every session will take 1 hour.
Exercises in between the sessions are an important part of the training.
The costs for the whole training of 3 months are only € 700 (plus 21% Dutch VAT).

For more information, please contact me.

(CC) Hilde Spille