Burn-Out Recovery In Music Business

burn-out_matchesLast month I did at a guest lecture at TAMK for students of music management. I started with research of positive psychology and how it can help musicians and people in the music business. In the music business we all follow our passion. We like what we do, we do what we like. We have a very positive attitude towards our work.

Here is what I have experienced myself and have seen happening around me again and again:

Many people dream of working in the music business. As agent, I feel privileged with the work I do and the great musicians I work with. When working in the music business, you realize that you are privileged. You feel very positive about your work, same as your colleagues. With all the positivism present, it’s often hard to admit that there are moments when you don’t like your work, or some aspects that go with your work. You think that it’s temporary and you continue, even if you feel less positive.

You once loved the work you do, and you don’t understand what’s bothering you now. All the people around you love what they do. They wouldn’t understand, so you can’t talk about being tired or about the discomfort you feel. You feel fatigue but you go on, even if it costs you lots of energy.

After having sleep problems for weeks or months, you still think that it’s temporary, that one night good sleep will cure everything. Only when physical pain is added, you start to realize that it’s time to visit your GP. Many GP’s look only at the physical problems. For GP’s it’s difficult to realize that passion for your work can cause a burn-out and that even famous musicians can have a burn-out.

It’s important to find the right treatment. As psychologist and coach who’s familiar with the music business, I can help you with that.

It always starts with taking some rest.
In the second step you add some physical exercise.
At the third step you cautiously start working again.

I will accompany you at each step.

– You will learn to know and to trust yourself again.
– You will revive your passion for music.
– You will discover what made you go too far.
– You will discover how to prevent it from happening again.

The Burn-Out Treatment usually takes 6 sessions, sometimes more. I can do it in Dutch, English and German, what ever you prefer.

  • face to face: 60 minutes per session
  • Skype: 60 minutes per session
  • email: 120 minutes per session

The costs for the first 3 sessions are € 239 + 21% Dutch VAT if applicable.

Please contact me for any questions and for more information.