With Compass for Creatives I’m helping musicians to combine success, creativity and happiness. I also help people working in the music business with maintaining their mental health.

All services are available face-to-face, with Skype and with email.
You can choose the language: Dutch, German or English.

You can find information about each service at the links below. Please contact me for more information and for any questions you might have.

Burn-Out Recovery in Music Business
Passion for music can lead to a burn-out. Many people in the music business have faced it, hardly anyone talks about it. That is partly what makes it so difficult for people in the music business to admit and to look for help.
With my knowledge of the music business and of psychology I help you to recover and accompany you through all the steps that are necessary. You will learn to trust yourself again, you will revive your passion for music and you will know how to prevent it from happening again.

For my work as booking agent, as Dutch promoter and as talent buyer for Conincx Pop Festival, please visit the website of Paperclip Agency.