Guest lectures

uil-met-brilOn May 17, 2016, The Guardian published an article by Fiona McGugan, general manager of UK’s Music Manager Forum: “How to manage mental health: the music industry’s new priority“. Maintaining the mental health of musicians is in the best interest of the whole industry, she concludes.

Compass for Creatives is operating in this context. Blog, coaching and guest lectures are set up to support maintaining the mental health of musicians and anyone working in the music business. A master degree in cultural psychology and 20 years experience in the live music business showed me how important mental health is, and what we can do to maintain it.

For individual help, please take a look at the page “Coaching” on this website. ‘5 Empowerment Tools For Musicians’ is the basis of my approach to maintain the mental health of musicians. It helps them to create a balanced personality, the foundation of mental health.

For students of music and arts management, I’ve developed lectures about 6 topics, including an introduction to the ‘5 Empowerment Tools’. Last year, dozens of students at HAN in Nijmegen and at TAMK in Tampere enjoyed these interactive lessons. Both institutions have asked me to repeat the lectures this year.  Below I have a list of the topics and the questions that each lesson will answer:

a) Introduction to the international live music business in Europe: What is the role of managers, agents and promoters? Who are the important players in Europe?

b) What is the role of international showcase conferences compared to venues and festivals for musicians? What are the most important events? When does it fit in the career of a musician? What are the developments on that front?

c) Introduction to international networking for managers and artists: How can you deal with cultural differences? How does reciprocity work? How do you design your network?

d) Research from positive psychology shows that positivism is the basis for creativity and business: How does it work? How can you increase positivism? How do you deal with setbacks?

e) Introduction to ‘5 Empowerment Tools For Musicians’: How can engagement, purpose, energy, networking and positivism maintain the mental health of artists and managers? How do the 5 tools enhance each other?

f) 6 different stages in the career of an artist: What are the challenges at each stage? What are the opportunities? What are the needs of an artist at each stage?

Each lesson takes 60-90 minutes.  Please contact me for more information about the guest lectures and for available dates.