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Compass for Creatives addresses happiness and the mental health of musicians.

Music makes you happy. As musician you put into practice what most people can only dream about. On the other side, people expect you to suffer in order to be creative. With this contradicting expectations you can’t do it right, what ever you do. There’s no forum to talk about your real problems, no place where you can find advise on how to support a happy life as musician, tailored for your individual personality. The programs of Compass for Creatives offer you this forum, plus individual support with the issues you struggle with.

The mental health of musicians comes more and more into the focus of media and music business. On May 17, 2016, The Guardian published an article by Fiona McGugan, general manager of UK’s Music Manager Forum: “How to manage mental health: the music industry’s new priority“. Maintaining the mental health of musicians is in the best interest of the whole industry, she concludes.

Compass for Creatives is operating in this context. Blog, coaching and guest lectures are set up to support the mental health of musicians and of anyone working in the music business. A master degree in cultural psychology and 20 years of experience in the international live music business showed me the importance of mental health and what to maintain it.

Next to guest lectures, I’ve developed various e-coaching programs for individual help to musicians:

5 Empowerment Tools For Musicians
5 Empowerment Tools For Musicians is the basis of my approach to maintain the mental health of musicians. It helps you to create a balanced personality, the foundation for mental health, without threatening the unique craziness you need for your creativity.
It’s on online workshop to learn in 12 weeks how to move to an upward spiral towards success.
Bonus: whitepaper “6 Stages of fame”.

Professional Networking
Do you want to know the secret of how you can get in touch with professionals in the music business and get them to listen to you? In this program you learn in 3 weeks who does what in the live music business, how to present yourself and how to design your network. After only 3 weeks you will know how to network in a professional way.
Bonus: whitepaper “An introduction to European showcase conferences”.
(more information in October ’16)

Increase Your Creativity With Positivism
“Your mind is like a parachute, it only works when it’s open.” (Frank Zappa)
For creativity you need an open mind. Research of positive psychology shows that positivism creates an open mind.
Learn in 10 days how to increase your positivism and how to deal with negativism. After only 1 month you will be much more creative.
(more information in October ’16)